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Dr. Harry A. Cole
September 2018
I wish to recommend Laura Baca as one of the standout realtors in El Paso. Having bought and sold real estate in several parts of the country for over forty years, I can say that Laura has been the most persistent, creative and hard working agent with whom I have been associated anywhere.   Laura represented me in restoring and listing a rental home I owned in West El Paso-a process which extended to nearly three years. During that time, she oversaw the property’s complete overhaul while I was residing out of state, which was far and above the terms of the listing agreement, and was able to hold the ensuing agreement of sale together while certain unexpected legal issues were being resolved. From my experience, her efforts were a singular achievement in providing the most effective and personal service one could possibly expect in a realtor/client relationship. I urge anyone who has a house to buy or sell to work with Laura. 
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